Drummond Island

Drummond Island

Like music that entrances its listener’s, or a novel that captivates its readers - Drummond Island will cast its SPELL on you.  

The islands allure is simply irresistible! Oh sure, some may consider it old fashioned or even behind times. Yet, like Mayberry, it is a very special – “place” and “time”. A utopia for some. A place for a much simpler and happier life. The island has but one traffic light, and the major crime – is not slowing down to be immersed into the flavor, the essence, of what real life is about.

Time takes on a different meaning on our island too. You don’t rush to the next moment in life. You can put your life on pause. In fact – here you might take off your watch. Your visits with the locals and other tourists will linger on because you want to learn and to share experiences. Little smiles become big grins. Go ahead and wave to the passersby – everyone does it here.

Whether your visit is with family or friends, your life will be enriched, and you will make a lifetime of memories. Your can unwind, be refreshed, and be re-united with – “each other”, not with the hotel clerk or bus operator. There are no long lines for events, required reservations at the local restaurants, or traffic jams.

All the while you and your party will be surrounded by the sights and sounds of one of the most beautiful natural setting in the entire Midwest. You will be in awe of the wildlife, lakes, streams, 50 plus surrounding islands, forests, rugged shoreline, rare species, land formations, and plant life, spectacular sunsets, and the brightest stars you’ve ever seen.

Come to our Island. Let its spell entrance and captivate you. Our Island - its Magic.



Drummond Island Michigan is the second largest fresh water island in the nation. The island is approximately an hour’s drive from the Mackinac Bridge. It is accessible by car, plane, or boat.

From the Lower Peninsula
Travel north on I-75. Cross the Mackinac Bridge, continue driving north, and take exit 359 (Drummond/DeTour Village). Go east on M-134 to DeTour Village. The ferry dock is on your right at the 2nd blinking light. It’s 1 hour from the bridge to the ferry.

From the Upper Peninsula
Take I-75 and travel south. Exit at 359 and do the same as above.

Directions from the ferry
When you get off the ferry, follow the main road (M-134, also called Channel Rd) 8/10 of a mile. Turn left on Black Rock Point Road (it’s across from a large sign selling lake lots). Drive 1/10 of a mile. Turn left on Old Ferry Road. Drive 1/10 of a mile. Turn right on E. Zeerip Drive. Passage Point is the 3rd home on the left; Edge Water is the 4th home on the left. Both lodges have their name on a sign above the garage.

Passage Point
23844 E. Zeerip Drive
Drummond Island MI 49726

23740 E. Zeerip Drive
Drummond Island MI 49726